The Promesa Difference

At Promesa we judge ourselves by four differences that we believe define our value to the individuals and the communities we serve:


Delivering safe, sensitive and therapeutic environments for life-changing results.


Recognizing the community trust that has been given to us and delivering the highest possible return on that community investment.


Developing connections with nonprofit organizations, agencies and individuals to improve community-wide service effectiveness and efficiency.


Measuring our organization and our programs against the nation’s highest objective social service performance and nonprofit accountability standards.

Promesa Behavioral Health is a leading innovator in the field of community-based and family-focused treatment services for youth and families.  Promesa’s success with the most challenging youth rests upon the agency’s commitment to five core service principles:


  • Uncondtional Care

    Once accepted into care, Promesa works diligently to identify and work with the most challenging of behaviors or service needs. Promesa tailors treatment and support services to address those behaviors and meet those needs, even as they change over time.
  • Consumer Driven, Strength-Based Service Planning

    At Promesa, we form partnerships with parents, care givers, and focus on families’ strengths and competencies when planning and delivering services.
  • Individualized Care

    To enable troubled youth to succeed at home, at school and in the community, Promesa works with each youth and family to design and provide an individualized package of services tailored to meet their unique needs and circumstances.
  • Cultural Proficiency

    Promesa’s culturally and ethnically rich team of professionals respect, and honor clients’ strengths , talents and cultural heritage, working with each youth and family in the context of their histories, experience, and generational values.
  • Interagency Collaboration

    Promesa Behavioral Health staff work closely with county agencies, faith- based organizations, school districts, courts, community based, and grass roots providers to ensure that children and families receive supportive services they need to achieve lasting success.