THP + Non Minor Dependents Program

Your Housing - Your Choice - Your Future

We offer two types of housing opportunities for young adults; two-person apartments and a single site home both conveniently located near a variety of shopping centers.
Our goal is to provide youth with a safe living environment in a structured-supportive program so the youth can gain the knowledge and skills to become self-sufficient adults. 
Each youth receives a monthly stipend, transportation pass, weekly grocery card, and case management services.
Mental health and substance use services are offered on individual-based needs. 


Program Goals

Assist the youth in establishing lifelong connections with supportive adults

Work collaboratively with Probation Officers and Social Workers so that together we can meet the youth’s individual needs

Provide guidance and resources to promote confidence and skills for successful independent living

Allow youth to gain experience with real-life situations and allow them to learn from their mistakes while in a supportive environment

How To Qualify

Youth aged 18-21 who are current or former foster youth and; meet at least 1 of the 5 participation requirements:

Be enrolled in high school or equivalent program

Be enrolled in college/vocational program

Work at least 80 hours per month

Participate in a program/activity to assist youth to find a job or to remove barriers to employment

Be unable to do one of the above based on medical or mental health condition

Supports Include:

Referral Options

We can review and accept new placement referrals in less than 48 hours depending on availability.
Transportation for initial admission can be arranged in advance. For more information or to request an application,            please call Lisa Tamez at 559-470-8673 or ltamez@promesabehavioral.org