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Transitional Housing + Non Minor Dependents program provides housing and services for young adults ages 18-21.

Promesa Behavioral Health offers three types of housing models to fit the needs of our non-minor dependent youth (18-21):  Single site facility, shared apartment living, and Host Family Model.  Youth driven and Youth focused, our transitional housing team is focused on permanency.  We offer extended foster youth the choice as to what type of housing they feel they can successfully live in.   Our goal is successful, independent living and a permanent connection with a caring, supportive adult by 21.  Our transition team uses the National Foster Club Transitions Toolkit to guide the path to successful independent living by 21.  Ten domains have been nationally recognized for extended foster youth and are the framework for our transitions team as we work towards permanency.

Who is Eligible for THP+ Non Minor Dependents?

THP+FC youth are 18-21 years old, who have emancipated from foster or probation care and must have been ILP eligible while in care.

Youth must meet at least 1 of the 5 eligibility requirements for Extended Foster Care, including:

  • Be enrolled in high school or equivalent program
  • Be enrolled in college/vocational program
  • Work at least 80 hours per month
  • Participate in program/activity to assist youth to find a job or to remove barriers to employment
  • Be unable to do one of the above based on medical or mental health condition

Referral Process

Our Transitional Teams works collaboratively with County Social Workers and Probation Officers to quickly place extended foster youth into the right housing to avoid homelessness.   We can review and accept placement within 24 hours.  Transportation for initial admission can be arranged. For more information, please call Renee at 559.285.9431 or

The Host Family Model

The Host Family model provides foster youth the opportunity to live in a family setting with a relative, current or former foster family, or other adult mentor, who has been screened, evaluated, and certified by Promesa Behavioral Health.  In this model, the host family provides a supportive, caring, and mentoring relationship designed to last a maximum of twenty four months.  During this time, the foster youth will receive rental subsidies, case management, and comprehensive supportive services. For more information, please call Renee at 559.285.9431 or

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