Telecare Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Services

About TOADS:

TOADS aims to provide voluntary treatment to adults who are experiencing acute psychiatric distress related to thier substance abuse. These individuals live in isolated, rural communities without easy access or direct mental health services. With a combination of traditional face-to-face and telecare services, TOADS mission is to provide quality behavioral health services. This includes interactive consultation between patient, doctor and clinician. Medication management, drug replacement, clinical counseling and patient screening. This allows patients greater access to care as well as decreasing the additional cost of unnecessary patient travel.

Our Goal:

The goal of TOADS is to support patients in their path to recovery and stabilize their symptoms so that they may recover at home and in their communities.

What is Telecare?:TOADS

Mental Health and Substance Abuse telecare is generally described as the use of telecommunications equipment, computers and smartphones, to connect mental health and substance abuse providers and clients in different locations. Clients get the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

Who Can Receive Services?:

Adults who are experiencing acute psychiatric distress related to substance abuse and have no access to existing services. Either because the services are not available, clients lack the means to pay for services or because services do not suit the needs of the clients.

How Much Does it Cost?:

Once you have been screened and accepted into the program there is no cost for the services provided. However this program is unable to cover costs of prescriptions (per funding guidelines).