Our History

At Promesa Behavioral Health, we reach out to youth and families in need. We provide professional services and a caring environment where the healing process can begin.  Our purpose in not a small one.  Caring for youth who have been mistreated requires serious commitment.  We are humbled by what people can do for themselves, when given the chance. Through discovering their strengths, the youth we serve can move towards healing.    

For over 30 years, Promesa has partnered with foster parents, social workers, probation officers and other gifted human service professionals to assist youth and families.  We are a comprehensive fully integrated service delivery model. We provide Foster Family Services, Adoptions, Substance Use Treatment and operate eight Short Term Residential Therapeutic Programs for at-risk teens.

Promesa is committed to improving the lives of the children and families we serve. We look forward to providing high quality care to help build strong families and empower youth to become successful members of their communities.     

Board Of Directors

The Promesa Board of Directors operates under rigorous non-profit standards of performance. Accountability, openness, focus and constant reevaluation of the organization are cornerstone values incorporated in all decisions made by the Directors.

Michael Der Manouel Sr.
Fred Olmstead
Secretary/ Treasurer
Nida Guzon Palmore
Board Member
Patricia E Browns
Board Member
Eric Hodge
Board Member
meeting room


Lisa Weigant, M.A.

Chief Executive Officer

Erlan Zuniga, MBA

Director of Finance

Jodee Romero, M.A.

Director of Human Resources

Michelle Bejarano

Director of Foster Family Agency 

Arlene Vargas

Director of Residential Programs

Mandi Najera, LMFT

Director of Substance Use Treatment

Annual Reports


Promesa Behavioral’s


Our Mission

To act as a model nonprofit organization creating tangible, measurable and accountable community benefits by providing safe, sensitive and therapeutic environments and treatment to those we serve through the work of trained, dedicated staff in partnership with social, health, judicial, and other appropriate community agencies.

Promesa Behavioral Health has been a preeminent provider of efficient, effective multi-lingual, multi-cultural continuum of client services and interventions in the Central Valley for over 25 years. Our services include licensed therapeutic foster care, adoption, chemical dependency counseling, psycho-education and tele-psychiatric services, level 12 residential treatment for females, males, juvenile sex offenders, and pregnant and parenting teens and their infants.

Promesa Behavioral Health sustains children and families through the most difficult times of their lives.  In many cases, we are the last hope for young people who have come to see failure and discouragement as a way of life.  Here at Promesa we offer each client a simple but profound promise: “You will be supported every step of the way no matter what challenges you face.” By supporting each client and family in identifying and building upon their resources and strengths, we empower them to approach the future with renewed optimism and a stronger sense of the possibilities for creating a new and different story for their lives.