Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program
                                   S T R T P

Promesa Behavioral Health has been in the business of helping children and youth for over thirty years. Promesa operates Short Term Residential Therapeutic Programs for at-risk youth.

We provide shelter and therapeutic care to youth who have been neglected, abandoned and/or physically, emotionally or sexually abused. We accept youth between the ages of twelve to nineteen from counties all over the State of California. Youth are placed through Department of Children and Family Services and Juvenile Probation. We also accept placement through the Adoptions Assistance Programs, (AAP).

We offer specialty programs that include a male Sex Offenders program and a Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program, in addition to our traditional Adolescent Behavior Modification programs. Our homes are located in residential neighborhoods throughout Fresno County with one home located in Madera County. Most of our homes are three bedrooms with two baths that include a pool at three of our locations. Our program provides 24 hour care by teams of qualified Child Care Workers. Our overnight staff remains awake and accessible to our youth.

Promesa Behavioral Health receives the state approved rate for STRTP placement services and all referrals are AFDC-FC eligible. 

Specialty Mental Health Services

Many of our youth have severe mental health needs resulting in challenging behaviors. Youth are held accountable through a structured daily milieu encouraging and rewarding positive behavior and redirecting problematic behavior through appropriate interventions. Promesa is a contracted organizational provider for specialty mental health services. We provide on-site SMHS services to youth in our program that meet medical necessity. Specialty mental health services include individual and family therapy, case management, rehabilitation, crisis intervention, intensive care coordination, plan development and intensive home based services. 

Specialty Programs

Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program

Some youth who come to Promesa are pregnant and/or parenting. These youth are able to participate in the Residential Treatment program while preparing for child birth or they are accepted into the program with their child to prevent separation. Each youth participates in a Parenting Education Curriculum. 

The agency utilizes community programs such as Exceptional Parents Unlimited and Fresno County Health Department for additional parenting education. Our youth also belong to Teen MOPS, Mothers of Pre-Schoolers.

These mentors provide support to our pregnant and parenting teens. Teen MOPS offer extra-activities including BBQs, dinners and holiday activities. Our Millbrook Residence offers single rooms to parenting teens with their own bathrooms. The home has eleven bedrooms and ten bathrooms, two offices and a play room. This program can accommodate up to twelve youth and nine infants. Rooms are furnished with a bassinet, crib or toddler bed, a diaper changing table and rocking chair.

JSO Program

Promesa Behavioral Health operates a residential treatment program for male juvenile sex offenders ages twelve to nineteen. The program will focus on giving the youth a stable environment to address their behaviors and meet their needs. 

The youth participate in daily therapeutic groups. The environment is highly structured and well supervised. The youth are participating in full-time school, individual and group activities. The goal of the treatment milieu will be to provide a rehabilitative atmosphere so that youth will learn strategies that will allow for successful transition plan. . 

Each youth participates in an extensive mental health assessment to determine chief complaints, interventions and treatment goals to assist the youth in reaching their potential.  Youth will also be exposed to the basic elements of The Good Lives Model. The Good Lives Model focuses on the natural desire of people to seek positive experiences. The overall goal of the program is to teach youth how to make healthy, legal, safe, appropriate and consensual decisions. 

Program Services

Service frequency is individually driven and additional services will be offered based upon each youth’s needs. All of our core services are provided directly by Promesa personnel.


Individual / Group Weekly

Substance Use Treatment

Groups Meets Twice a Week

Anger Management Curriculum

Groups Meets Weekly

Psychiatric Services

Available Weekly

Independent Living Skills

Groups Meets Weekly

Recreational Services


Educational Services

Job Training

How To

Refer a Youth

Promesa works collaboratively with all Counties in the State of California. We accept placements 24-hours a day, seven days a week including holidays. It is as easy as making a phone call.

  • During regular business hours placements can be made by calling 559-439-5437, asking for the Intake/Placement Coordinator.
  • After hours, weekends and holiday placements can be made by calling 559-994-0104 or 559-960-4302.

If you are interested in placement, please fax a referral including the youth’s most recent court report, IEP if applicable and psychological evaluation if available.

The placement fax line is 559-435-2076. Referrals can be emailed to

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff work quickly in preparing applicable paperwork and assigning support staff so services can begin immediately.

Wellness Plan

Promesa participates in the California Department of Education, Nutrition Services National School Breakfast and Lunch program. Included in the program is a wellness plan that we have developed for our youth to promote a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise. Promesa welcomes any input from potential stakeholders regarding development or update of the agencies Wellness Plan.

Please contact the agencies Director of Residential Programs if interested.